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Selling Outside the Square is a book that talks about something that other books don’t — the psychological aspects of selling. Bob Boog claims that he’s not that smart. He just looks at things a little differently and asks a lot of DUMB questions.

For example, Bob says if you are selling Weight Watchers, what is it you are REALLY selling? Bob asks: Is it good health? Or are you REALLY selling something that’s more like confidence? Or is it a good feeling that people get when others find them to be more attractive?

If you are selling video games, what are you really selling? Are you selling Call of Duty? Or are you selling ENTERTAINMENT? Think about it.

Now it’s back to you. What are you selling?

What FEARS do your customers have?

What keeps them up at night?

Who is your average customer today?

The answers to the dumb questions found in this book may help you discover things about selling that you may not have ever considered.

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Tips for Going on a Job Interview

When you go on a job interview to a certain extent, you have to sell yourself.  The best way to do this is to try to turn the tables a bit and try to find out something about the interviewer and what kind of person he or she is really looking for. Sometimes that is not an easy task because the Interviewer might say we’re just looking for someone who is responsible — and you might say the wrong thing back to the interviewer. Like the man who was asked, “Are you responsible?” His answer, “I certainly am. On my last job lots of things went wrong and they always told me, “You were responsible. So yeah, I am definitely responsible.”

We laugh but inside we might be thinking. “What if they ask me something about my past? After all, they might bring up something I posted on Facebook. In fact, what should I do if they bring up something negative that my last manager might say about me?”

A researcher in Washington did an experiment where he recorded a person talking about something negative to a job interviewer. He wanted to see how it might affect job hiring. Subjects who heard the recording listened as the man explained that he got caught cheating and therefore didn’t finish school. Would this be a person that they would wish to hire or not?

Interestingly, when the recording was played back at the beginning of the job interview, listeners felt that the man was being honest, and yes they would consider hiring him. But when the Experimenter played the recording towards the end of the interview, listeners believed that the man was being deceitful and/or hiding something – and therefore they wouldn’t hire him.

This is an example of a negative recording.

But what if the man left school for a positive reason?

In the second experiment, subjects listened to a recording of a job interview where the man said that he had to leave school for a positive reason. In this case, the man said that he had to leave school because he had received a prestigious award from Cambridge University which caused him to have to leave school in order to travel all over Europe.

Interestingly, when the positive reason was played back at the beginning of the interview, listeners did NOT like the man as a job candidate. They would not hire him because they felt that the man came across as being conceited and boastful. But when the positive recording was played back at the END of the interview, listeners liked him. They believed that the man was  modest and humble about his amazing accomplishment and yes they would hire him.

Interesting, isn’t it? So if you have something negative about your past, it’s better to bring it up first, and then save the best for last!

If you like these kinds of tips, check out Bob Boog’s book– Selling Outside the Square

Selling Outside the Square by Bob Boog


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